The Birth of an Exclusive Product

From Design to Handmade Manufacturing

Design Firm

Project and Design

The first step in creating our bracelet begins in our studio, the Heart of the Company, Where our cad experts and artists design new models or customizations for our loyal customers

Gems selection

Once the various personalized features have been agreed with the customer, our gemologist selects the gems bought at Antwerp by numbering and cataloging them one by one , looking for homogeneity of color and cut until perfection is reached, which feature distinguishes us.

Alloy Creation

Depending on the material choose by the Customer our expert goldsmith create an alloy in platinum 950 or white gold 18 carats which will be later used to craft the Bezel Tennis Bracelet

Luxury box creation

When required by the client, or in case of special limited edition our carpenter design and craft a customized wooden box.

Otherwise we will provide our branded luxury box in which you can comfortably  sit your Bezel Tennis Bracelet when not on your wrist


Assembly of the Bracelet

Once the various components have been created, they are knotted one by one and joined with the clasp, to then be carefully finished by our master goldsmith 

Gems Setting

At this point both the gems and the bracelet are entrusted to the embedder who carefully embed them

all with the same alignment to reflect light evenly

Quality Control

The final step is the quality control where the final checks are carried out on the finishing and functionality of the closure.