How is Bezel Tennis Bracelet Created

For each Bezel Tennis Bracelet it takes about 14 days to craft, Made entirely by hand the process is long.

Once the various personalized features have been agreed with the customer, our gemologist selects the gem bought in Antwerp by numbering and cataloging them one by one , looking for homogeneity of color and cut until perfection is reached, which feature distinguishes us.


Mean While one of our goldsmith masters begins the creation of the griffs that will then hold the gem and the patented closure.


Our carpenter builds the box by hand, when required by the client  


Once the various components have been created, they are knotted one by one and joined with the clasp, to then be carefully finished by our master goldsmith


At this point both the gems and the bracelet are entrusted to the embedder who carefully embed them

all with the same alignment to reflect light evenly.


The final step is the quality control where the final checks are carried out on the finishing and functionality of the closure.

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