The Begin

Bezel Tennis Bracelet® was born from the vision of a young Italian  Watch Enthusiast and Collector. 

Passionate about watches, he wanted to dedicate to each of its beloved Time-keeping master pieces a well deserved  luxury match.

That Lead to the creation of Bezel Tennis Bracelet®, a Luxury Tennis Bracelet that has an innovative patented clasp, which design resembles the Bezel of luxury Watches, in shape and color, creating the perfect harmony between the two accessories. 

The Team

Two Designers, One cad designer, Four Master goldsmiths, Four stone setters, One Laboratory in the Heart of Valenza, Each with a heritage Each with a passion inherited and handed down from generation to generation. These are the members of the Team that Carefully, with Passion and Love Craft each B.T.B. giving them an unique touch, a Soul.

Wearing Bezel Tennis Bracelet it's like Wearing the Italian Master jewelry secular history. 

Roma, Italia

Luxury Innovation Holding

Luxgold s.r.l.

P.iva  13564111006

Capitale versato: 10.000 €


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