The First Luxury Bracelet to Match your Favorite Luxury Watch

Materials:Thanks to our Foundry, we are able to create the Finest  alloys of different colors, However, for this tennis we have chosen the elegance that only 18 carat white gold and 950 platinum can Provide

Black Diamonds : Nothing express Elegance better then a Black Diamond, for this bracelet we have choosen Black Diamonds coming from the mines of the Central African Republic. Which have a natural color of Black with a slight scent of Gray making it perfect to combine with our Sapphires.

Patented Clasp:The clasp of the bracelet does not only have a purely functional role, but also an aesthetic one. There are numerous and unequivocal calls to the world of watches. The coloured stones in nanoceramic, embedded in the upper part of the clasp, and the lateral knurling are made back to the dial and the bezel of the most famous Swiss luxury Brands.

Laser Engraving:Each Bezel Tennis Bracelet ® will have the owner's initials engraved in the clasp.

It will also have a unique serial number

Three Year Guarantee:Each Bezel Tennis Bracelet® comes with a Three Year Guarantee.

B.T.B. Black Diamonds

Lenght in cm
  • Made in Precious 18 Carat White gold (750/1000) and Platinum 950 (950/1000)

    Embedded with Natural Certified Black Diamonds from Central African Republic.

    Conflict Free Gems Bought and carefully Selected at Antwerp

    Type of Cut: Round Brilliant 

    Patented Clasp made in precious 18 carat white gold (750/1000) and platinum 950 (950/1000)

    Innovative Nanoceramic Stones Embedded in the clasp 
    Type of Cut: Round Brilliant

    Completly Manufactured and Designed in Italy

    Patented Design.

Roma, Italia

Luxury Innovation Holding

Luxgold s.r.l.

P.iva  13564111006

Capitale versato: 10.000 €


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