B.T.B. Black Diamonds & Emeralds

" The First luxury tennis to match your Favorite watch "

Reserved  for Rolex "Kermit" owners Each Bezel Tennis Bracelet it's crafted by Master Artisans with a secular family tradition at Valenza, Italy using the finest Platinum alloy and the most pure natural gems available at Antwerp,  it's the perfect way to rappresent your watch whenever you can't carry it with you, or to create the perfect match.


Each Bracelet undergo severe strict quality control  checks before being delivered to its final client, therefore we stand behind our products proudly and we offer our clients a three year international guarantee. 


Each Bezel Tennis Bracelet is assigned with an unique serial number, and it's engraved with its owner intials.






B.T.B. Black Diamonds & Emeralds

  • Tennis bracelet crafted in precious platinum 950 or white gold 18kt

    Embedded with certified natural  emeralds and certified natural black diamonds 

    The  Patented clasp is crafted in white gold 18kt weighting 1.50 grams for either models, embedded with  nano ceramic gems

    B.T.B. Platinum model weight is +-19.50 grams for the 20cm length

    B.T.B. White gold model wight is +- 15 grams for the 20 cm length

    B.T.B. Overall embedded gems weight is +- 6.00 ct of which 2.90 of certified natural black diamonds and 2.90 of certified natural emeralds for either models. 

    For any question or additional information do not hesitate to contact our concierge